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October 28, 2012
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Chase - Character Sheet by Skailla Chase - Character Sheet by Skailla
Gender: Male
Breed: Border Collie ([link])
Age: 36 years old
Size: 51 cm
Nicknames/Aliases: "Vulture".
Function: Gambler and mercenary. Works for Jeffrey.
Personality: Sly and furtive as a fox, Chase likes to put his nose where it doesn't belong. He is never to be trusted, and has no problem on changing sides whenever it seems convenient for him, specially when there is money involved: he is capable of doing absolutely anything for a couple of dollars, giving him one of worst reputations around Gold Marrow.
He is completely addicted to gabling, but luck never seems to be on his side. He gets involved with the wrong types during his games, and most of the times ends up being caught into very dangerous situations.
On the other hand, Chase can be surprisingly selfless when it comes to his nephews, although he doesn't like to show it. He dedicates most of the money he earns with his own blood to give them a comfortable life (or at least he tries to). His niece, Marsha, worries a lot about his ways of gaining money, and both have a very difficult relationship, but they still stick together as a family.

Background: Chase's family was neither too good nor too bad. His father was a drunk, and his mother tried to make a living selling tissues. His older brother, Roger, left home early, and moved to the city looking for a better life. His sister, Gloria, married and left home as well. Chase soon decided to leave too, even thought he didn't have any sorts of plans. He worked with absolutely everything and everyone, but always ended up being kicked out.
Some time later, Gloria's husband died from an accident, and she got sick from a very strong and unknown disease, and no doctor was able to find out what was wrong with her. Robert soon came to know about it and decided to take his sister with him to the city, where he believed they could find a cure for her sickness. Gloria had to trust her three kids, Marsha, Daniel and her newborn baby, Sherry, to Chase, since she had no other options. Chase's way of life was way too opposite to fulfill her request, and he wasn't exactly happy about this.
Sustaining the kids was an even harder task then he expected it to be, and many times he wasn't able to bring food for them to eat. His way of life was getting lower and dirtier, until he finally met Jeffrey. Jeffrey offered him a well remunerated job, which would provide them enough money to have a comfortable life, but it also had it's prices. Chase would have to work for one of the dirtiest associations that ever walked the surroundings of Gold Marrow, and do everything they asked him to. Once he was in, there would be no turning back. Chase pays a hard price for his job, and is hated and abused by both sides: Jeffrey and all of his own neighbors. But at least now he has ways to bring food for his nephews and get money for his addicting nights of gambling.

Relations: Uncle of Marsha, Dany and Sherry. Older brother of Gloria and younger brother of Roger. Works for Jeffrey, and is hated by the rest of the town.

Additional information:
The rope he carries around his neck was once from a gallows (a huge mess with his poker partners), which he luckily got away alive. He keeps it as some sort of luck amulet, and can also use it to get away from difficult situations.


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KodaTech Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Student Photographer
Awww,Hes not bad,hes broken :iconohyoublushplz: 
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found my favorite x3
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I think Chase is adorable! I love collies!
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I like this guy. I think he just needs some help and rehab and maybe he'll be a great provider.
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awww i love him! man wish i woulda thought of that! he reminds me of my two border collies! there both getting in trouble, but they are young, can't blame em! oh and if by some...random chance you'r looking for a voice actor, im right here! thanks ;D
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His beat-up appearance definitely represents his reputation and personality. He's a great character!:thumbsup:
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the cool reminds me of my aunts dog :)
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