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February 9, 2013
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Dany and Sherry - Character Sheet by Skailla Dany and Sherry - Character Sheet by Skailla
Name: Daniel
Gender: Male
Breed: Border Collie ([link])
Age: 10 years old
Size: 30 cm
Nicknames/Aliases: Dany (from Daniel)
Function: none yet
Personality: Adventurous, audacious and determined, Dany has a very strong personality. He is extremely playful and really enjoys testing other dog's patience simply out of fun (specially his sister's). He thinks of himself as a legend of the west, and all he truly wants is to be a cowdog hero like Steban (or at least like the way he sees him).
Dany is a very impulsive pup, which also makes him extremely trouble-lurking. Together with April he wants to travel the world setting right all the wrongs, which he thinks are too many.
Contrary to Marsha, Dany doesn't like to live with his uncle, Chase. He thinks of him as a coward, and isn't afraid of ruddily telling him that. He believes the world is still like this because of dogs like his uncle.
But besides this moody behavior, he is a very noble-hearted pup, and his innocence and naivety always find a way to transpose the carapace he tries to create.

Background: Since he's Marsha's little brother, he has the exact same background. Dany only had a different way of seeing it: he avoids the responsibility Marsha embraces so openly. Dany's immaturity kept him from understanding many things, specially because he was too young to have lucid memories from his father and mother.
The arrival of Steban in Gold Marrow gave the pup a whole new perspective of things, and taking the new cowdog as his ultimate role model, Dany gained a very strong fire of hope inside of him.

Relations: younger brother of Marsha and older brother of Sherry. Chase's Nephew. Best friend of April, even thought they fight a lot (that means *cough* he likes her *cough*).

Additional information:
He gets annoyed by the fact that every time he goes out to play, little Sherry follows him. She's just a "toddler" and he thinks she spoils all the fun. But deep inside, Sherry is the most precious thing in his life, and he would do absolutely anything to protect her.
The bandana he has around his neck is an old piece of tissue his uncle once gave him, and he wears it so he can look like Steban.


Name: Sherry
Gender: Female
Breed: Red merle Border Collie ([link])
Age: 3 and a half years old
Size: Around 15 cm
Nicknames/Aliases: "Cherry"
Function: none yet
Personality: Sherry is the last born of the family. Although she's a very young pup, she's always willing to follow her big brother, Dany, and April on their "adventures".
Sherry is too young to play with the other pups, so Marsha always has to keep an eye on her, but because of her sister's crazy temperament, Sherry has absolutely no difficulty in running away. She does it, not in a mischievous way, but because she's usually carried away by things, and distances herself out of pure innocence.
Sherry can barely speak, so her admiration for her brother has given her the habit of repeating everything he says. Dany doesn't seem bothered. Even though she's too small to clearly comprehend what goes around her and her family, Sherry really loves her uncle Chase, always running to him whenever he gets home. Chase secretly finds this one of his deepest motivations.

Background: Sherry's past is the same as her sibling's, but she doesn't really remember anything. She was just a baby when she was taken to her uncle's house, along with Marsha and Dany. She is very sensitive, still, and even though she's just a pup, she can understand surprisingly well what goes around her (sometimes, even better than the adults!).

Relations: Marsha and Dany's younger sister. Chase's niece.

Additional Information:
She is strongly attracted to anything that shines, getting completely oblivious of the world around her. She will not hesitate to simply go for it!


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