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May 28, 2011
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Gold Gold Gold by Skailla Gold Gold Gold by Skailla
This was supposed to be updated yesterday, but I didn't have time to finish it, but well...
As some of you might know, yesterday was my birthday.
I believe this year that just passed was hard, but full of valuable lessons. But if there was one that marked me the most, was actually the one I had never truly understood until now.

I changed schools last year, looking for a better life, (since school will always be a terrible place to me, at least let me try making it a bit more enjoyable!:XD:) against my whole family's wish, specially my mother's. But it's just as she always said herself: when we make our own decisions, we are always able to remain strong with whatever we chose. So I did.
There was a terrible period of my life in the new school, where something quite strange happened to me. I became closed to myself, day after day, getting worse, getting shier, scared of talking to anyone. And really, this is not like me.
I was scared (is that even the right word?) of how different I was from the rest of my "friends". Specially because it was the first time I have truly fallen in love with someone else. That made things even worse...
But skipping the drama, I had gotten so down and sad because of my fear of failure and exclusion that I felt like no one would care if I simply disappeared the other day. (LOL how could I get so emo for such small reason?? :XD:).
But this year, something brilliant happened to me. I don't know how to explain it, but it's like... something inside me is bright again, like it was when I was a little child. My soul freed itself from the imaginary chains I had created, for such a stupid reason. Simply because I understood. I finally understood the simplest of all concepts, the one everyone understands when they are a child, but always forget when they grow up: Happiness lives inside of you.
And that's the biggest gift that life has given to us, to any of us. No matter how hard life may seem, never forget, that the only person who can make you happy again, is you.
You don't need anyone else to have that. People may help you, they may give you what you like, what you want, but if it doesn't come from inside, it will never be enough, and you'll never be free.
Never let anyone steal your happiness. No one has this right. Be whatever makes you happy, and don't be afraid of others judgment. If you're not causing any harm, then who the hell are they to say that you are wrong?

I know it sounds silly, but I believe I've finally understood how life really works. How freedom can be reached by such simple thoughts.

My life is now impossible to compare with last year's. The whole classroom loves me, I have so many good friends, and the person I love is by my side, and considers me his best friend. Everyday is now a new adventure, a new beautiful adventure. (the class even prepared a surprise birthday party for me! with cake and candies! and it was the only birthday we commemorated this year, from all classmates!) I cried :'D


Wolpy catching summer rain drops with his tongue :la:
He loves summer rains... :heart: (And I totally love them too).

Happiness is the gold of life.... Don't you agree?

PS: the title was inspired by the song Gold Gold Gold by Foals
though the song doesn't carry the right feeling for the pic, I just love it's name...:heart:
And LOVE foals, of course
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typhlosion136 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This looks.....
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