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October 29, 2012
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Marsha - Character Sheet by Skailla Marsha - Character Sheet by Skailla
Gender: Female
Breed: Border Collie ([link])
Age: 17 years old
Size: 48 cm
Nicknames/Aliases: none
Function: Helps at the local Grocery shop.

Personality: Marsha is your typical teenager in crises. She is moody, freaks out frequently and also has sudden attacks of good humor. She hangs between extremely mature to childish, always getting into brotherly fights with her 10 years old brother, Dany, and having absolutely no patience when he defies her (which he does a lot, out of pure fun). When she's not having anger bursts, Marsha is very playful and kind. She can seem a little bit bossy and annoying at times, but that's the way she found to keep her family safe and well.
Although she's still very young, Marsha carries a great weight of responsibility for her age: she has to take care of her two younger brother and sister, and her trouble-lurking uncle, Chase. Chase worries her a lot, since she and Dany are completely against his way of gaining money.
She is brave and bold, and knows how to stand her ground when she needs to. Marsha doesn't like to show weakness, and even when she's about to burst into crying, she holds a smile on her face, and makes everyone believe she's ok. She also likes to stay positive even during the most difficult times, and always tries to bring hope to the family.

Background: Marsha is the first daughter of Gloria (Chase's sister) and Claude, two small farmers from the region of Gold Marrow. She lost her father when she was just 14 in a work accident, which had the biggest impact in her life. Her mother got sick little time after that, and had to go live in the city with her other brother, Roger, trying to find a cure for her mysterious illness. Marsha stayed behind in Gold Marrow with her two little siblings, and to be looked after by her scruffy uncle, Chase. He was supposed to look after their farm as well, but he lost everything in gambling, and had to move with his nephews to a little house in the town of Gold Marrow. During the first two years, living with her uncle was a complete mess. They were always having to run away, being kicked out of places and having to watch Chase struggling through difficult and even painful situations to get them food to eat. Their way of life had an up when Chase started working with Jeffrey, but Marsha's worries only grew. She knew her uncle was getting involved with serious danger, and even thought they got money, she never thought it was worth the price they would have to pay for it.
But besides all of the bad moments they have been trough, Marsha started to care for her family more than ever. She might dislike the way things are going, but her love for her siblings and uncle is absolutely unconditional and irreplaceable.

Relations: Daughter of Gloria and Claude. Older sister of Dany and Sherry. Niece of Chase and Roger. No love interests, but she's popular with the boys.

Additional information:
She has a very strong country girl accent
She talks a lot and extremely fast when she's nervous
Her necklace is a human ring her father once gave her when she was little. She carries it in his memory.


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I really like this character!  I am really excited to see her play a part in your graphic novel :D.
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Me too! I can do a pretty good southern, australian and english accents. 
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