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January 1, 2012
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Paper Stars by Skailla Paper Stars by Skailla
I bet you weren't expecting an update from me today... c:

So, did you have a great time on your last day of 2011? =D I truly hope you all did!:la: Cause I know 2012 will be a great year for everyone!:w00t:
And I also hope you're not tired of seeing my drawings in you inbox! because this year, I plan on drawing A LOT. and by that, I mean at least 2 deviations per week, more or less! XD

Soooooooo... about the drawing... yup, it's another true story of my life :) (brace yourselves.. 0w0)
Do you remember the kid's story? I mean, the story I told you here,
Well, this is the "second part" I had told you about. It's nothing very special, really, but it was one of the things that absolutely made my year :)
Back in my old school, I met an awesome boy when I was at the seventh grade. He was always funny, and never took anything seriously. He was super popular, everyone liked him, but never stopped being gentle and kind to everyone. We were never in the same class, but he would come to my classroom every break time to see my drawings. I don't think he understood what I actually did, but he always had a comment to share, even tho he had a very.. different sense of humor. Pretty much like mine. He was light like the wind, always in a good mood, and always easy. And he was probably one of the most handsome guys I had ever seen yes, I had a crush.
One day tho, he suddenly disappeared after we finished eighth grade, and no one knew where he actually went. Life went on, I entered hight school, and finally, one year after, I had enough of that place (for those who don't remember, here's when I decided to move:… so I did it. And guess what? I happened to move to the exact school he was studying at. We were both surprised and happy when we saw each other again, but there was something strangely different in the air. He was different. I don't know exactly what was it at the time, I just thought he seemed a bit out, like if he was somewhere else when other people talked to him. But life went on once again, and I met a boy, called Bren, who I happened to developed a huge crush on. Bren told me one day that the boy who was my old friend was walking with some very bad company, and that I should be very careful around him. I found that warning very strange, but in the end, I stayed alert. My friend came to me many times that year looking for some company, but since I was so worried about impressing Bren, I ended up acting uninteresting towards him, to see if he went away, and in fact, he did.
The following year (2011), for the first time, he was in my class. But we never spoke at the time. He even wanted to, but he felt a bit intimidated by my other "friends", who were the popular kids in that school. Yes, he had changed a lot. I had no idea how much, until I saw it. He had become the quietest boy in the class. The total, complete opposite of what he used to be. He used to be the joker, and now people were making jokes about him. No one noticed him, and when they did, it was only to send him away. But even I didn't notice him. I was too busy being invisible too.

So time passed again, and I met the kids. I used to have lunch with them everyday, and he would buy his lunch at the bakery and come back to the school to lunch alone. One of those days, he saw me playing with them, and finally came to speak to me, full of his charms (thats something he never lost!). I was a bit uncertain about it, and I believe he noticed it. He said he had to go, but the little girl who was with me (she was quite tough! xD) held his arm and told him to stay, otherwise she would punch him (LOL). He laughed, and then sat down again. He asked me if he could see my drawings, and I gave him my folder. The afternoon went on delightfully, for both of us. I really liked to have him around again.
The following lunch times were just the same. He adores kids, which is not typical of boys of his age, and they also adored him. He's still a big child on the inside, which is so rare those days. He would play and run with us when we were all together, and did not care what the others might think of it.

All this happened after October, and I know it is a short time, but it seemed like a whole life at the time. When he was with me and the kids, he said he felt free to be what he really was. And later that year, he actually regained courage to show himself to the world. All those days we spent together made him secure again, and he came to thank me for all the moments.
Everyday after lunch, we used to go to the library, and lay on the huge carpet on the children's area, and come to bother the studious people from my class (in a funny way, of course, since we had the exact same sense of humor) we would make everyone laugh to death xD
One day before the last day of school tho, we went to lunch together, but when we arrived at the library, we were the only ones there. He laid on the carpet, but this time, he turned his head to the ceiling. He was impressed, and called me to lay by his side too. When I looked up, I noticed something I never did on the rush of everyday life: the whole ceiling was covered with brilliant paper stars of all formats, made by the kids who went there. I forgot where I was for a moment or two, and forgot about the time. I think he felt just the same. We spoke about so many things, so many good things while we were looking at those stars. I think it was a moment of freedom. Perhaps the deepest I ever had.
The simplest of all things, the ones we never notice are the ones to make the biggest changes inside our hearts. And he seemed to be the living proof of it. He changed. But this time, for the best.
When I watched him with the kids, I didn't see a boy anymore. I saw a man. Tho I don't think he realized that.

Unfortunately, that was the last moment I had with him. But it was one of the greatest moments of my life. Actually, every adventure I had by his side.
I believe we may never see each other again. We went on separated ways in life. But I'll always have those golden memories to warm my heart. I think about them every single day since I left school. He was way more than just a friend for me. If I said I don't miss him, it would be a lie. He was probably the person I loved the most in my life. But now that he's gone, I just feel... complete :)
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OkamiMeansWolf Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. That is so nice! The picture is nice and the story is very touching, I've never had any experiences like that where things are so great, although I do have really nice friends this year in school. And I hope you stay feeling complete :)
Akimeterasu Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Student General Artist
This is amazing. The artwork is beautiful, and the story behind it makes it even more fantastic. It's sad (that that was your last time seeing him), but the story was very heart-warming too. You can feel the magic of the moment in the picture. You're a great artist Skailla. :) 
DawnfeatherWarrior Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
This was just beautiful! The artwork, the story, just... EVERYTHING IS SO BEAUTIFUL! :')
Villiri Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
hmmmmmmmm. what a nice couple.
Sally-Ce Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my, Skailla. This story touched my heart. :aww: I can imagine the relationship between you and the boy. ^^

I'm going in 9:th grade, and will soon separate from my great friends. :( Some of them have been with me for all those nine years. I can really relate to you in this.
I really hope you two will meet again. :thanks:
Healing-Touch Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I favorited this more for your real life story than the picture. Yet, both of them fit together so beautifully!
IgniteTheBlaze Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should start writing a novel or something about the things that happened in ur life, for some reason they're just so entertaining :D
ZoeTaylor11 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Beautiful! Probably one of my fave pieces from you! :)
Blur1321 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Student General Artist
"meet me under shining lights/
I've been waiting right here all my life/
Feelings, you can't deny you're living open up your eyes/"
--Lyrics from Alive by Krewella. I instantly thought of it when I saw this picture. I love it <3
Beautiful story by the way, very touching :,)
Kodimarto Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012   Filmographer
You drew this real good!
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